Installation shot from Visual Studies Workshop, MFA|NOW curated by Lisa Sutcliffe of SFMOMA

A Clearing In The Woods, 1969/2012     

40” x 50” Photographic print, 35mm Kodachrome slide, slide projector

The installation piece A Clearing In The Woods; 1969/2012 utilizes both physical and ephemeral materials to explore the notion of non-linear time. A found slide is projected onto a screen in a photograph of a forest clearing. The present is not free of the past and the past is tempered by our experiences in the present. By collapsing a scene in on itself through layered imagery – the doubling of forests not quite the same, the presence of a screen in conjunction with the hum of a projector, older forms of imaging technology come together to create a contemporary view. The philosopher Gilles Deleuze has said that “...the screen is where direct confrontations take place between the past and the future.” We cannot experience a physical space without the reflection of what we have seen, known, and felt. The installation becomes both the image and the phenomenon of creating the image – the dust in the projected stream of light, the whirr of the machine's fan, the glare of its bulb.  The “truth” of a space is examined through the refraction of memory; as the slide begins to decay the image changes becoming a ghost of what it once was.

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