The East Light: Live Streaming Sunrise(set), 2018

Surveillance cameras, custom chrome extension

In the global world order perspectives on influence and                                                         
power cycle through new stages. No longer do we live                                                                 
in a world in which one view point is accessible, instead  
we are swimming in them. In order to comment on such
phenomena, every morning throughout the duration of the
biennial, the sunrise in Mardin is projected in real time on
a screen facing the public from the window of a space in
New York. Vice-versa the view of the New York screen
live-streaming the sunrise in Mardin is seen on a second
screen inside the Mardin Museum. This is an adaptation
of the artist’s “Golden Hours: Live Streaming Sunset”  
(2015-ongoing) project for the 4th International Mardin
Biennial utilizing the term “ex oriente lux” as a guiding
force. Within the framework of the “Body Language” 
section of the biennial, the work invites us to listen to
how our bodies may react to this virtual window into
another world, an extension of perspective and a                                                                                                                             
collapse of time and distance.

Artist: Magali Duzant   Curator: Nazli Gurlek  

4th Mardin Biennial 2018 // Mardin, Turkey